Virtual Guardian Support in your hands

Staff User Guide

Below you will find some useful information for staff members to get started in the Virtual Guardian App.

Creating an Account

Open the Virtual Guardian App (or you may have been given a website link to open)
  • Select ‘Create an account’
  • Enter your email
  • Enter your username and a password
  • Select ‘Sign up as staff’
Check your emails for a verification code. Once you have activated your account you can then search by name for individuals you support. You can request access to their profile. The individual will need to approve access before you can view them.

Viewing Profiles

By clicking on the individuals name you can view their profile.
The subscriber creates a profile that can be viewed by staff as an introduction to how they like to be supported (For example an agency staff supporting a person for the first time would find this introduction useful)

Budget - Shared Access

  • Choose categories for income & expenses
  • Upload receipts to store safely and to reconcile
  • Add in bills/ rent etc. to work out spending money left over
  • SSupport individuals to manage finances independently

View Timetables

Events or daily timetable activities can be entered, and colour coded so they are shown clearly The App will remind any upcoming appointments/ events or activities with a notification.

Personal, Health Info & Medication

Store personal info. This will be pin protected in the final version Set prompts to remind individual to take medication. Notifications can remind and notify staff when medication has been taken.

Targets & Achievements

Individualised targets or daily activities can be set and stored in this area. Past achievements can be viewed. Could be used for daily routines/ transitions/ activities/ work duties or tasks. Supports towards independence and less reliance on hands on support Records outcome evidence. Targets can be set Pictures, photos, pecs, videos or written instructions.

The photo album can be used to store frequently used pecs, story boards & photographs for use when setting targets or images from the internet When setting a target you can select ‘save to library’ this will save the target for future use by others.
The more individuals subscribe to the App, the bigger the library will get.

Daily Notes

  • Staff can record and store Daily notes saving time and paper.
  • Daily notes will offer prompts to fill out any incident/ accident or appointment details.
  • You can record any steps completed/ targets achieved.
  • The daily notes will be stored and cannot be edited once submitted.

Incident/ Accident Reporting

Simple to produce and read daily, weekly, monthly and annual analysis to show scale & frequency.
Incident and accident reports can be stored on the app.

Staff can look at each chart and read it simply and easily and look into reasons for incidents. E.g. a common trigger that happens each day/ week/ month/ year or time of year for example that could be causing the incidents so staff can put support in place to prevent future incidents.


Linked to the Care Domains, the assessment will provide an overview of where support is required. You can then set targets to link to areas of support required and start recording outcomes. Screenshot the assessment at day one and then when you reassess, you can screenshot and compare to see any progression.