Virtual Guardian Support in your hands

User Guides

Below you will find some useful resource guides to get you started in the Virtual Guardian App.

Creating an Account

Open the Virtual Guardian App (or you may have been given a website link to open)
  • Select ‘Create an account’
  • Enter your email
  • Enter your username (Your preferred name/ nickname)
  • Enter a password (One that you will remember but is not easily guessed by others)
  • Confirm your password
  • Select ‘Sign up’
Check your emails for a verification code. Once you have activated your account you can then access the features.

Create your Profile

The information you put on here can be viewed by support staff, parents or managers (As long as you give permission)

Targets & Achievements

Try adding a target/ goal/ achievement. This could be a task; learning outcome; recipe or a morning routine for example. You can add pictures from your phone or the internet if you want to follow a picture guide.  You could upload a video or picture of yourself or your support staff completing a task so you can follow this when you want to repeat the task. Support staff could help you to add some targets. You can save photos of yourself completing your targets so you can share your achievements with others.

Monitor Budget

Click the income section and add any money you receive. Click in the expenses section and add anything you spend your money on. This could be bills or it could be money spent on activities or shopping. You can also upload and save any receipts or bills. The budget will calculate any money you have left over.


Try adding an event or activity into the timetable. You can colour code events and add details you want to remember The App will remind you of any upcoming appointments/ events or activities with a notification.

Personal, Health & Medical Information

Add in your details for each section. You can set prompts for medication to remind you when you need to take it.


You can add Birthdays, events, meetings, job opportunities and more in the community area.